Our Team

Cathy Kenny

Cathy has an extensive background in business management, organization, and sales. She is gifted with critical thought processes and has a knack for common sense logical reasoning. Having worked for Samsonite and Oneida in sales, and Wake County Public Schools in IT she brings to Burke Leigh Media a blend of business “know how” and “information technology”. As CEO of Burke Leigh Media, she envisions helping our clients reach their maximum potential through the use of social media outlets and B2B outreach. She understands today’s business market and the importance of strategic communication for small businesses.

In her spare time, she loves reading novels on her favorite easy chair and spending time with her family.


Peter T. Kenny, Ph.D.

Dr. Kenny founded Burke Leigh Media on the premise that “Less is more”, a term he learned early on in the communication and marketing field. He brings his expertise of strategic communication and marketing to the field in helping clients reach their maximum potential. He serves in the role of Producer and Chief Operating Officer. He has over 20 years experience in the media industry including roles as producer for DIY: Home Repair and Remodeling,  and director of numerous congressional and gubernatorial television ads. His primary research is in celebrity influence, parasocial interaction and audience analysis which translates to business clients and consumers in a B2B and B2C environment. Dr. Kenny used A&E’s Duck Dynasty to complete his dissertation which measured values portrayed on the show.

In his spare time he enjoys relaxing with a great craft beer and spending time with his family.